Living in the harsh climate of Atlantic Canada there isn’t any condition that we haven’t dealt with.  Ground Force has the knowledge and expertise to know when to apply de-icing materials.  We study the weather and inform our clients of impending inclement weather and our plan to tackle each event.  Every storm is different in its conditions and timing.  Knowing when and how to deal with a storm has enabled us to keep our locations safe for the public. With proper snow removal and maintenance, hazardous conditions caused by snow and freezing temperatures can be controlled. Ground Force Property Services offers commercial snow plowing, snow hauling, sidewalk management, and de-icing services to make your property safe and accessible during inclement weather.  Our experienced team of snow professionals pro-actively keeps your properties operational and safe, no matter what winter delivers.


Snow Plowing

With a fleet of ¾ ton trucks, 3 and 5 ton trucks as well as tandems to make quick work of snow plowing.  We also have a fleet of skid steers, mini loaders and front-end loaders to help assist in the snow clearing process.


Ice Control

Knowing when and what products to apply is crucial.  An effective de-icing program can help eliminate the hazards our tough winters can bring.  Our management is certified and has the expertise to keep your location free of ice and safe for employees, patrons and the public.


Snow Hauling

We have the ability to stack snow and haul snow offsite keeping your site free of snow piles, maximizing parking, increasing visibility and safety.